Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa Boarding

All pet owners must board their pets at some time--overnight, several days and nights...even daycare.  This needn't be a stressful time for either pet or owner.  In fact, you can rest assured your pet will be safe and extremely well cared for by choosing Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa for your next dog or cat boarding need.  

One huge advantage Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa has over other commercial dog and cat boarding facilities is your pet is supervised by our veterinarian, Dr. David Russell.   Also, the staff of Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa has been trained to recognize medical or behavioral problems if they occur. 

Our dog and cat boarding facility is a place of rest and relaxation for your pet.  Both the dog and the cat boarding areas have natural lighting, relaxing music, and a regulated temperature.  The dog boarding kennels are elevated to keep your pet clean and dry.  The cat boarding condos are quiet and separated from the dogs.  Their cages are cleaned at least twice daily and fresh water is always provided.  The dogs and cats are fed a high quality diet, but you are welcome to bring your own food.   To insure the health of other boarding pets at Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa, all boarders must be free of internal or external parasites and be current on all required vaccinations.

Does your pet have special needs, chronic medical conditions, dietary restrictions, etc.?  Our veterinarian and staff are able to closely monitor pets with special needs.  Oral medication, special diets and injections can be administered safely by our staff.  

Why Choose Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa Boarding?

  • Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa's caring professional staff.
  • On-premises veterinarian.
  • 24-hour monitored security and fire protection.
  • Cat condos available with window views.
  • Privacy barriers between each dog boarding kennel.
  • Raised dog boarding runs to keep your pet warm and dry.
  • A safe, secured exercise area for your pet.
  • All indoor areas are climate-controlled with natural lighting.
  • Air exchange system promotes odor free environment for your pet and minimized airborne diseases.
Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa
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